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6 week women's only beginner course

This brand new course designed specifically for women is a safe, fun and ego-free self defence course that just works. You will learn how to deal with some of the most common attacks that women face whilst boosting fitness and confidence... no experience necessary.

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Women laughing in class

After teaching thousands of individuals realistic and functional self defence one thing is clear. Women have to deal with very different situations that sometimes get overlooked in "regular" self defence and martial arts classes.

So we have developed this unique course that covers some of the most common attacks and situations including being grabbed, dealing with confrontation and setting safe boundaries.

How it work's

The 6 week women's beginner programme is a rolling course, this means you can join any time. Just book a free class below.

The benefits

✅ Gain confidence in a safe "ego-free" environment

✅ Learn how to handle confrontation with and without violence

✅ Learn how set appropriate boundaries

✅ Train with other like minded individuals the same level as you

✅ Build fitness whilst training

✅ Help you lose weight whilst training

Book your trial class today – it's completely free

To book your FREE women's only beginner class you can use the calendar below.


Submit our form, email, text or call us on one of the below contact details.


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Or text/call one of our instructors:

Ceri Phelps: 07958 713998

Gerard Barnett: 07868 753114

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