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Martial Arts and Krav Maga in Bridgend

We teach individuals like you martial arts with a focus on functional self defence — for real situations — helping improve fitness and confidence in an “ego-free” environment in Bridgend and throughout South Wales.

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Bridgend kids class

Kids classes

Give your kid’s the confidence to face life — our fun and friendly classes are perfect for building character and giving them the skills to handle themselves and reduce the chances of bullying. For ages 5 and up.

We have classes for ages 5+. Regardless of experience, fitness and “being too old” we have classes for everyone.

Bridged adults class

Adults classes

For anyone 16+. Our beginner adults classes are great for all experience and ability levels. The classes cover various aspects of self defence and will also help with fitness.

We also have classes in SwanseaMerthyr and Neath or see our full timetable

Bridgend adult class


Ceri Phelps and Gerard Barnett both competed for Wales in karate and have accumulated over 70

years of martial arts experience. After finding their passion for realistic self defence both went

on to Krav Maga.

After opening Total Self Protection in 2002 with an aim to help normal people build confidence they

are now two of the highest experts in the UK. Regularly teaching police, military and other Krav 

Maga instructors.

Ceri Phelps
Gerard Barnett



Our Bridgend Krav Maga classes are run out of the incredible, fully equipped space from Ground Zero MMA.

What is
Krav Maga

Developed by the Israeli military and used by police forces, security and military units Krav Maga is a no-nonsense martial art that has been adapted for civilians…


It is a collection of the best techniques from other martial arts such as:



- Kickboxing/Mauy Thai

- Grappling


But instead of the focus being on sport and competition it is on realistic self defence.


It covers important aspects that are usually left out when talking about sport or competition:


- How to deal with confrontation and avoid violence

- How to deal with multiple attackers

- How to target harden yourself and avoid being targeted.

Build confidence

Improve fitness

Learn how to avoid violence

Deal with multiple attackers

Dealing with common weapon attacks

The first lesson is completely free

Here’s the truth, if you are looking to compete in a competitive or sport based martial art we aren’t for you. No hard feelings. But if you want to learn martial arts purely for self defence in a safe environment then this could be one of the best decisions of your life — the first lesson is completely free.

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