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Updated: Nov 24, 2022

Hi guys, we can’t wait to get back to training and seeing everyone again. Our team have put a lot of time and effort into creating classes and guidelines that will allow us all to enjoy training whilst remaining safe. We have some guidelines that everyone needs to follow.


After the last update, we are excited to announce that we can begin lessons again. These lessons must be outside, be no more than 30 people and must comply with social distancing. Therefore, our lessons will be non-contact.

Social Distancing

We will be setting up the training environment to maintain social distancing guidelines (2 metres). Although all precautions will be made by our team, it is up to each individual to use a “common sense” approach.

Feeling Unwell

If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms, please avoid coming to training until you recover.


We have spaced out lessons by 15 minutes to allow for class changeovers. Please avoid coming to the training area too early and please maintain social distancing rules when approaching the training area. When you get to the training area you will be given a training zone by the instructor.

Training Zones

To help maintain social distancing, each student will have their own training zone. Please wait for an instructor to point you to a zone and please keep all your belongings inside your zone. When you are in your zone please stay there until instructed to leave.


We do not plan on using any equipment in our non-contact lessons. If any specific equipment is needed we will let you know in advance.


Face masks and other PPE are not essential. But you can bring any PPE you feel is necessary.


Please, where possible, avoid staying around the training area if you are not training. If you must stay, please adhere to social distancing guidelines.


Our team will, to the best of their ability, assess the training area to avoid risks of injury. However, when you are put in your training zone, please take a moment to check for any risks we may have missed.

Adverse Weather

We plan on training regardless of how bad the weather gets. Please assume the classes are on unless, in extreme cases, we text you to cancel.


Unfortunately, as we will be training outside, there will be no toilet facilities or other amenities.

Hand Washing

There will not be any running water or soap at any of the training locations. Although not necessary in an outdoor, non-contact environment you may wish to bring your own hand sanitiser.

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